T-Cut Scratch Magic

The T-Cut Scratch Magic Pen

is the smart way to remove scratches and touch up paint work permanently.

Clear formula eliminates scratches in minutes

Suitable for use on all colours of paintwork including metallic

Quick and easy to use

Masks scratches and stone chips in one quick application

Protects paint from harsh weather conditions, rusting and oxidisation

Easy to use, no skill required

Rapid drying


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T-Cut Metal Polish


T-Cut Metal Polish will restore a brilliant shine and lustre to most metals including chrome, brass, stainless steel, nickel, copper, aluminium and alloy. Will cut through surface corrosion and oxidisation, even if the metal hasn’t been cleaned for years!

Suitable for automotive, motorcycles, marine, sports & leisure, domestic appliances and general home use.


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T-Cut Classic Clay Bar Kit


The T-Cut Clay Bar Kit is car cleaning’s best kept secret and it makes a really big difference to how your car’s paint looks and feels.  This product will remove the most ingrained road debris, pollution and dirt. There is no better way to REALLY clean your paintwork than with a T-Cut Classic Clay Bar!

T-Cut introduce their all new Classic Clay Bar Kit. Clay Bars create a smooth as glass, mirror like finish on all paintwork and increases the depth of shine when waxing or polishing. It helps to remove all surface contaminants and scratches leaving a smooth surface ready for waxing.  Claying removes stubborn contaminants that ordinary shampooing cannot remove.


“Detailing clay was first use in the mid-80’s in Japan and not introduced to the US until early 90’s. Japanese body shops found that a mixture of various “sticky” resins would remove the over-spray from the surface of the paint without the use of compound or aggressive chemicals. Since then, clay has progressed into a more durable, softer, and safer product that will remove contaminants from the surface of the clear coats. Over-spray, tree sap, road gunk, brake dust, industrial fallout, etc…will embed itself into the paint, causing it to feel rough or “bumpy”. These contaminates are sitting on top of the paint and can safely be removed with the use of clay. However, clay will not remove scratches because scratches are IN the paint….not ON the paint.”


  • Removes surface contaminants and scratches
  • Increases the depth of shine when waxing or polishing
  • Contains Clay Bar, T-Cut Clay Liquid 500ml, T-Cut Clay Wax 500ml & microfibre cloth
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T-Cut Repair and Protect Kit


The T-Cut Repair & Protect Kit has been specially developed to remove scratches, clean, shine and restore vehicle bodywork, bringing the paint finish back to its original intensity.  T-Cut Original removes light scratches and surface imperfections and the paintwork sealant, seals the surface to prevent the paintwork from fading or oxidising. Keeping your car looking brand new for up to 12 months.  Suitable for use on any colour paintwork.

Kit Contains:

Microfibre Cloth, Microfibre Polishing Mitt, T-Cut Sealer 375ml, T-Cut Original Colour Restorer 375ml


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T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit


NEW T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit

Do you hate foggy, scratched or yellow headlights? Restore yellow or lightly scratched headlights with the T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit,

The T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit is a specially designed compound and sealant that works together to rejuvenate back to a “like new” crystal clear finish. Created to improve headlight clarity and light visibility by removing abrasions and haziness from uncoated clear, plastic headlights. The compound plus sealant combination leaves the treated area brilliantly clear, polished and protected. This kit does not require the use of drills or tools and is the ideal solution for do-it-yourself remedy that is effective and easy to use.

See what Joel Helmes from ‘Behind the Wheel’ thinks about this extraordinary product!

Kit contains:

T-Cut Headlight Polishing Compound 75g

T-Cut Headlight Restorer Sealant 125ml

Microfibre Cloth


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T-Cut 365 Kits


T-Cut 365 – Advanced paintwork restoration technology 

T-Cut have developed a special blend of exclusive products formulated to remove scratches and turn a dirty, dusty vehicle back to its original form when it was brand new. T-Cut 365 Ultimate will bring the shine back to the vehicles paintwork, whilst also polishing and sealing the surface, keeping your car looking brand new for up to 12 months!

 Kit contains: T-Cut Color Fast, T-Cut Color Seal, Microfibre Applicator pad & Microfibre Cloth.

Available in Red, Silver, Black, Blue and White


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T-Cut Scratch Remover


T-Cut Scratch Remover

T-Cut Scratch Remover is a renovation paste specifically designed to remove surface scratches, swirl marks and blemishes from car paint. Apart from application to car paintwork, this lightly abrasive paste can also be used on enamel, ceramic, metal or other painted surfaces.


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