Where do we start?

Your first step seems obvious but it’s crucial you start with a good, clean surface to work on.  T-Cut Power Shampoo is a great product to use and comes highly recommended.  With a warehouse full of car care products to choose from, THIS is the product our Managing Director cleans his own car with each week!

Next we need to make an inventory of the problems we want to address.

If the paintwork needs serious restoration we recommend using the T-Cut Classic Clay Bar  to begin with.  Clay bars are similar to Play Dough.  For beginners, we suggest not going more aggressive than the T-Cut Clay Bar as “aggressive” professional clay can potentially mar paint, introducing a new problem. The difference between grades is essentially that the more aggressive clay will remove contamination faster, but at the risk of slightly marring the paint, whereas softer T-Cut grade clay is very safe and with proper technique will not mar the paint.

Once you’ve completed claying the car, it’s time to start think about restoring the car further with a T365 Paintwork Perfection Kit.  Pick the kit suited to the colour of your car and away you go!

Minor scratches and rust spots can be repaired with T-Cut Scratch Magic and T-Cut Rust Magic.  You’ll be delighted to see the fast and effective results from these two products.

Finally, if you are concerned about yellowing or slightly scratched headlights, the T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit is just the ticket!  So simple, so effective, this product literally takes just a few moments to produce the most incredibly satisfying results. Simply mask around the light, apply the compound, buff with the microfibre cloth supplied till clear and shiny then apply the sealant.

This is just one approach to the restoration of your car’s paintwork. Once you have started to use T-Cut products you’ll soon discover that the initial elbow grease you used to bring your car back to ‘like new’ pays off as each wash becomes easier and easier.

We love our T-Cut products and we know you will too!



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