Want to restore your car’s paintwork?


It’s one thing to keep your car clean with regular washes and waxes.  The fact is, over time, no matter how frequently you wash your car, build up from dirt, road debris, environmental pollutants, bugs and tar will sink deep into your car’s paintwork and no regular wash and wax will remove it.

The result is dull and lacklustre paintwork.  The inevitable chips, scratches and rust spots will also detract from the look of your car.  If you leave these surface contaminants, scratches and rust spots you risk permanently damaging the paintwork.

Now there is a product range in Australia dedicated to restoring your car to its original glory – T-Cut.  T-Cut is a whole new range of car care products for the car enthusiast who wants their car to maintain its showroom finish all year round. 

Is it time to restore your car’s paintwork? Is it time for T-Cut?

Maybe you  want your car to look like it did when it was brand new!

Maybe you are selling your car and you want to get the best possible price!

Whatever your restoration problem is, T-Cut has the answer!


Ingrained road grime, tar spots, dried insects and oxidation will all damage your car’s paintwork and detract from its look.  Exposure to sun, pollution and the environment will all make your car’s paintwork appear dull and lacklustre over time.

While regular washing and waxing is critical to keep your car looking good, there comes a time where you need to really show your car some serious TLC and get rid of the built up muck, pollution and grime.  It actually is possible to return your car’s paintwork to ‘like new’ and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

With just a few simple products from T-Cut you can bring back the original shine to your car’s paintwork as well as increase its value and visual-appeal.

  • We are going to show you how to remove all the built up dirt, oxidisation and debris from your car’s paintwork.
  • We are going to show you which products to use to restore the colour and mirror like finish to your car’s paintwork.
  • We are going to show you how to repair scratches and fix rust spots. 

T-Cut is the number 1 selling line in most automotive outlets in the UK and Europe.  It has remained the world’s most respected Car Care brand for 60 years. Continually asked for by name, T-Cut delivers top quality, with a wide range of performance products for renovation and restoration of car paintwork.

From the T-Cut Original formula to the new innovative T-Cut 365 Kits, T-Cut is available in many variants depending on the kind of paintwork, colour, condition, age and the extent of damage.  Whatever the problem, T-Cut has the product to restore and renovate your car like new!

T-Cut is available from the ALTREX website or ask for it by name in Autobarn or AutoPro stores


The T-Cut product range has been developed over the years with new products consistently being introduced to compliment modern vehicle paintwork and technological advancements.

The T-Cut Range includes:

T-Cut Original & Metallic

T-Cut Colour Fast

T-Cut Scratch Remover

T-Cut 365 Kits

T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kits

T-Cut Repair and Protect Kits

T-Cut Complete Clay Bar Kits

T-Cut Metal Polish

T-Cut Scratch Magic

T-Cut Rust Magic

T-Cut Power Shampoo

T-Cut Detailer

T-Cut Wax


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  1. It is an excellent technique for restoring car’s paintwork. It is very beneficial specially for those who purchase old cars.


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