T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit


NEW T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit

Do you hate foggy, scratched or yellow headlights? Restore yellow or lightly scratched headlights with the T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit,

The T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit is a specially designed compound and sealant that works together to rejuvenate back to a “like new” crystal clear finish. Created to improve headlight clarity and light visibility by removing abrasions and haziness from uncoated clear, plastic headlights. The compound plus sealant combination leaves the treated area brilliantly clear, polished and protected. This kit does not require the use of drills or tools and is the ideal solution for do-it-yourself remedy that is effective and easy to use.

See what Joel Helmes from ‘Behind the Wheel’ thinks about this extraordinary product!

Kit contains:

T-Cut Headlight Polishing Compound 75g

T-Cut Headlight Restorer Sealant 125ml

Microfibre Cloth


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