T-Cut Classic Clay Bar Kit


The T-Cut Clay Bar Kit is car cleaning’s best kept secret and it makes a really big difference to how your car’s paint looks and feels.  This product will remove the most ingrained road debris, pollution and dirt. There is no better way to REALLY clean your paintwork than with a T-Cut Classic Clay Bar!

T-Cut introduce their all new Classic Clay Bar Kit. Clay Bars create a smooth as glass, mirror like finish on all paintwork and increases the depth of shine when waxing or polishing. It helps to remove all surface contaminants and scratches leaving a smooth surface ready for waxing.  Claying removes stubborn contaminants that ordinary shampooing cannot remove.


“Detailing clay was first use in the mid-80’s in Japan and not introduced to the US until early 90’s. Japanese body shops found that a mixture of various “sticky” resins would remove the over-spray from the surface of the paint without the use of compound or aggressive chemicals. Since then, clay has progressed into a more durable, softer, and safer product that will remove contaminants from the surface of the clear coats. Over-spray, tree sap, road gunk, brake dust, industrial fallout, etc…will embed itself into the paint, causing it to feel rough or “bumpy”. These contaminates are sitting on top of the paint and can safely be removed with the use of clay. However, clay will not remove scratches because scratches are IN the paint….not ON the paint.”


  • Removes surface contaminants and scratches
  • Increases the depth of shine when waxing or polishing
  • Contains Clay Bar, T-Cut Clay Liquid 500ml, T-Cut Clay Wax 500ml & microfibre cloth
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